With wine and craft beer choices continually expanding, more and more people are looking to try something new. However, the sheer volume of choices at local big-box retailers intimidates many. One question inevitably arises - "Where do I start?"

That's where WineStyles Tasting Station fits in. We created a completely new way to experience wine and craft beer in an easy-to-understand boutique setting. We've thrown out the old playbook of trying to decipher the nuances between grape growing regions and brewers complicated descriptions of beer categories. In their place, we've created a shop where we simply classify wines based on taste and craft beers by flavor.

Our handpicked wine selection includes a rotation of unique labels and hard-to-find wines from both small and large vineyards from around the world. Most stores carry around 250 wines at a time that are categorized by "styles" including Crisp, Silky, Rich, Bubbly, Fruity, Mellow, Bold and Nectar.


  • Refreshing, clean, bright
  • Flavors of citrus, apple & pear
  • Pairs with salads, flaky fish, shellfish, spicy dishes, cheese

  • Creamy, toasty, adaptable
  • Flavors of vanilla, honey & melon
  • Pairs with pasta, chicken, fish, soft cheese

  • Oaky, buttery, lavish
  • Flavors of caramel, tropical fruit, peach & spice
  • Pairs with creamy sauces, oily fish, turkey, pork



  • Fruit forward, jammy grapey
  • Flavors of raspberry, strawberry & blueberry
  • Pairs with salads, pizza, salmon chicken

  • Round, velvety, smooth
  • Flavors of cherry, berries, herbs & earth
  • Pairs with pasta, veal, pork, beef, lamb

  • Intense, complex, heavy
  • Flavors of coffee, pepper & licorice
  • Pairs with hearty and spicy dishes, complex flavors, hard cheeses


  • Sweet, enticing, seductive
  • Flavors of raisins, nuts, peaches & cream
  • Pairs with desserts, strong cheeses, cigars

  • Effervescent and festive
  • Flavors of apple, mineral, vanilla, toast & nuts
  • Pairs with hors d'oeuvres, desserts, berries, chocolate

Just like wine, each glass of a craft beer displays the passion and creativity of its maker and complexity of its ingredients. While wine is typically classified by varietals, craft beers are traditionally classified as Ales, IPA, Lagers, Pilsner, Stouts or Ports. To simplify the tasting experience, we have categorized them into five unique flavor profiles representing "beer styles" of Robust, Hearty, Earthy, Smooth and Sweet.

Craft beers are defined as a small, independent brewer who follows the traditional brewing methods but with unique twists and innovative flavor combinations. From hard to find locally brewed craft beers, to exclusive regional beers to broad domestic brands or international beers, most WineStyles Tasting Station stores carry a unique offering of more than 100 craft beers.


  • Light to strong malt, aggressively hopped
  • Pale golden to reddish amber
  • ABV 3.8 - 7.5
  • Pairs with spicy dishes, chicken, seafood, sweet deserts

  • Malty, smoke, chocolate and coffee flavors, well balanced hops
  • Dark color
  • ABV 3.8 - 9.5
  • Pairs with shellfish, chocolate or creamed deserts

  • Bright, refreshing, crisp, effervescent
  • Pale straw to deep gold
  • ABV 3.0 - 5.0
  • Pairs with flaky fish, grilled chicken, salads, sushi


  • Light to strong malt, medium hops
  • Amber color
  • ABV 4.5 - 5.5
  • cheddar cheese, burgers, sweet desserts

  • Balanced, refreshing, sweet
  • Light amber to red
  • ABV 2.5 - 12
  • Pairs with savory deserts, cheese, fruit based dishes


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